Jesus come back for a new revolution

Jesus returns for a new revolution is the title of the first album by johnny8joker.
Ten songs plus the bonus track The hands of the promises.
This album is exciting and engaging. The lyrics are full of messages. Get this album into your heart! Discover the music of johnny!

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The hands of promises

(Single version)
the tree of promises

A song written for the event "Le Dolomiti abbracciano l'Africa" to give even more voice to helping the poorest.
Join our voice!


Staring at my town

live johnny8joker

Download Staring At My Town the first johnny8joker concert. Seven songs from Jesus Come Back For A New Revolution of an unforgettable live concert!


All The Time Forever In Your Love

(Redrose Remix)
johnny8joker Remix

For an unforgettable Christmas, sing along oh oh. Listen to high volume the remixed version.