the tree of promises

The music of the growing forest

(Social project for Africa)

Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher from the 6th century, said "it makes more noise a fallen tree than a growing forest". We "together can ...", with his friend johnny8joker, immortally allow us to dissect the famous aphorism and we want to think that "it makes more music a tree that grows than a falling forest".

Yes, because for each album sold, johnny8joker will support planting and growing a fruit tree under a project of Agroforesty in Karamoja, northern Uganda region, a gloomy time and a karamoya one-time due to climate change and A deforestation devoid of any criterion, reduced, in many parts, to an arid and unproductive land expanse.

We believe there is nothing more meaningful than a growing tree to represent the "rooting" of our support in this area, the accompaniment to the long-term "growth" and "development" of the people living there, the " Harvest of fruits "and a new and concrete hope for the poor of the last mile.